Program Information:

Threeschool is Wednesday-Friday, 8:30-1:00

Preschool has 2 schedule options:

  • (3 day) Monday-Wednesday, 8:30-1:00
  • (4 day) Monday-Thursday, 8:30-1:00

Pre-K  is Monday-Thursday, 8:30-1:00 (Friday is optional)

Kindergarten is Monday-Friday, 8:30-1:00

Annual Tuition:

Tuition is billed monthly in 10 installments from September through June. We offer a 10% sibling discount.

  • Threeschool  $5,500
  • Preschool  $5,700
  • Pre-K/Kindergarten  $5,900

Enrollment Process:

For enrollment, students must have already turned three prior to start of school, and be fully potty trained. For all classes, the enrollment process starts after the prospective parents’ initial inquiry. After a visit to the school, the parents and teacher work together to determine if the child and school are a good fit.  Once a child is invited to enroll, parents may fill out a registration form and return it to the school with the $75 registration fee. The $200 supply fee and 1st month’s tuition are due one month before the start of the school year.

Please call the school at 208-263-4931 or email now for information on enrollment. We look forward to hearing from you!