Daily Schedule

Here are normal routines for our classes:


Preschool is offered from Monday-Thursday (4 day option), or from Tuesday-Thursday (3 day option)

8:15-8:25 Arrival
8:30 Circle, songs, finger-plays, weather
9:00 Free play and Choice Time
10:00 Clean up and snack
10:15 Outside Time, hike
11:00 Rest, read aloud
11:15 Tuesday: painting
Wednesday: crafts/ science
Thursday: cooking
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Tuesday: music
Wednesday: movement
Thursday: sharing time
1:00 Dismissal

Pre-kindergarten & Kindergarten

Pre-kindergarten is a four day program, from Monday-Thursday. Kindergarten is a five day a week program, from Monday to Friday.
8:15-8:25 Arrival, independent work
8:30 Circle, calendar, weather
9:00 Language arts and social studies
(Choice time 3 days a week for prekindergarten)
10:00 Clean-up, snack time
10:15 Outside time, hike
11:00 Rest and read aloud
11:15 Math and science
12:15 Mon., Wed., – lunch
Tuesday:- music
Thursday: -cooking
12:45 Tues., Thurs.: Lunch
Monday: painting
Wednesday: movement
Thursday: Sharing
1:00 Dismissal

*** Our Aftercare program is available four days a week ***