children2The Selkirk School’s preschool through Kindergarten curriculum nurtures the growth of a child’s mind, body and spirit. The school does not follow one specific philosophy or curriculum. Instead, it is an integrated approach that is influenced by several philosophies and teaching practices including: early childhood current brain research, developmentally appropriate practices, Piaget, Waldorf education, connection to the natural world, Selkirk’s 37 years of history, independent school curriculum and state and national benchmarks. Designed to create real-life connections and understanding of their worlds, students at Selkirk enjoy an experiential education. A literacy-rich environment, math games, art, hands-on science, seasonal celebrations, movement and interdisciplinary projects support students as they learn academic skills.

Interactive Classroom

The classrooms are interactive environments that both meet the highest standards while meeting the developmental needs of each individual child. The pre-school program is play-based, Pre-Kindergarten/Kindergarten grade level classrooms have more teacher directed instruction. All children at Selkirk have daily opportunities to play both inside and outside. Play is valued as the catalyst for young children’s optimal growth , development and learning. It develops all the necessary building blocks for future and academic learning including: language development, social skills, observation, self-regulation, imagination, planning and gross and fine motor skills. In addition, the children are exposed to daily storytelling, read alouds, poetry, songs, games, blocks, art, movement, nature and rest. A consistent rhythm of activities each day supports the students’ needs for structure and security. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to succeed academically and socially in any future school.